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Ohio Jurisprudence Assessment Module

The Physical Therapy Section of the Ohio OTPTAT Board enacted a rule change in May 2019 to require a jurisprudence assessment module (JAM) as part of continuing education for renewal of physical therapist and physical therapist assistant licenses. It is the Board’s mission to protect the public, and part of doing so is to ensure that all licensees have a working knowledge of the laws and rules governing physical therapy in the state of Ohio. This jurisprudence module will give all physical therapists and physical therapist assistants the opportunity to review Ohio law at least once every two years. The module also allows the Board to target questions to enhance licensees’ knowledge of the law with regard to common infractions and areas that are important to the Board, such as duty to report and sexual boundaries.

The Board is pleased to announce that the jurisprudence assessment module is now available. Please go to for more information and to take the JAM. The cost of the JAM is only $48 and it counts for two continuing education hours. Note: this requirement will count as part of each licensee’s current continuing education requirement of 24 hours for physical therapists or 12 hours for physical therapist assistants. As a reminder, first time renewals do not have a continuing education requirement.

The JAM will be required for all physical therapists for January 31, 2022 renewal. It is not required for physical therapist assistants until the 2023 renewal, but it can be taken as an optional way to get continuing education for the 2021 renewal. As a reminder, first time renewals do not have a continuing education requirement.

The content of the JAM is Ohio’s laws and rules, which can be found within the module itself for reference. Please contact the Board at with any questions about this new requirement.


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To search for physical therapy continuing education courses with Ohio Approval Numbers, please visit the Ohio Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) Website at For questions regarding applying for continuing education approval, please email the OPTA at


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